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Business Insurance Management

An unexpected level of service and an unparalleled expertise.

Concierge Insurance Partners answers your most important question; “Am I Covered?”



Personal Asset Preservation

Personal assets and personal risk deserve the same attention as a complicated business.


Complete Family Protection

Nothing is more important in our life or yours: Family


                                         The Partners

Maribel Slabaugh CIR

Managing Partner

Ms. Slabaugh has been providing strategically focused leadership in executive management for the past 15 years on behalf of some of the area’s most recognizable not-for-profit organizations. Recognized as a one of the Florida Weekly & Southwest Florida Women's Association 2012 “Power Women”, she is well known for her passion of helping others. From the less fortunate children to the challenged adults of southwest florida, she has always put her constituents first.


She has embraced the commitment of delivering the same compassion and dedication to her clients through her work in the insurance industry. She is a natural for providing “Concierge Service”.

Dennis Slabaugh  ARM, CRIS

Senior Risk Advisor, Partner

With over 30years of Nationally recognized risk management service and 40 years of industry experience, Mr. Slabaugh is relentless in his pursuit of delivering expertise to his clients. His claim management experience and workers’ compensation expertise is well known throughout the State of Florida by adjusters, carriers, and the legal community. His tenure as a Health Care Risk Manager in the area's largest hospital, assures his medical industry clients that they are able to focus on practicing  medicine and helping their patients stay healthy rather than worrying about risk and liability issues.

Mr. Slabaugh has participated in over 350 mediations and settlement conferences resulting in significant claim cost control and is a Certified Supreme Court County Mediator. He is certified in the erection and inspection of Tube / Coupler, Frame Scaffolding and has been  a Provider of Contractor’s Licensing Board CEU’s

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