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Concierge Insurance Partners is now an approved insurance partner for Brightstar Care® select southern states https://www.brightstarcare.com

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Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, Service, and Not-For-Profit Businesses

What Coverage Do You Need?

Does your business have:

·       Owned Buildings

·       Business property / equipment

·       Computers

·       Inventory /raw materials /perishables

·       Income subject to loss or theft

·       Cyber exposures

·       Employees other than owners

·       Professionally performed work /service

·       Products you produce or sell

·       Subcontractors

·       Business vehicles



What Coverage Do You Have Now?

You might have:


·       Property / Business Interruption

·       Computer / Media / Data

·       Spoilage

·       Crime

·       Cyber Liability

·       Workers’ Compensation

·       Directors and Officers Liability

·       General Liability Including Products

·       Professional Liability

·       Business Auto


What We Can Do For Your Business

Review, confirm, and propose the right coverage at the right price


What coverage do you really have? Is wind Excluded or limited? Do you have a Hurricane deductible or a wind deductible? Is there a difference? What else is excluded; the dietary supplements you distribute? The professional advice you provide? Is your property or general liability deducible assessed per claim per occurrence? What difference does that make? That makes a huge difference!  If you are not able to explain what your coverage is and what you are willing to accept as not covered or excluded, you are not alone. Many business owners accept whatever insurance is written for them and in many cases, the details are left to question until that uninsured claim occurs. We will learn the details of your business and its operations, propose a detailed plan and explanation of what is covered and what is not, reading every page of every policy and confirm that you understand your insurance. We will manage your claims, not just refer you to the insurance company and promise to provide you with your renewal proposal 21 days prior to expiration; not at the last minute.


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